The Key Focus

Employee Focused

Although I had a college degree, I found myself unable to secure meaningful employment. After working with Key Health Care, the only company who was willing to give me a chance to manage without prior experience, I had no problem getting a higher paying job when my family re-located to another state. Thank you Key Health Care for giving me a chance!

Client Focused

I needed a patient to receive a medication that is not on our facilities formulary. One call to Key Health Care, and our patient received his medication. Thank you Key Health Care for your prompt response and for caring.

Community Focused

I coach a local youth basketball team, and Key Health Care has stepped up to the plate multiple times to support our youth, both financially and in building morale! Thank you Key Health Care for giving back to the community!

Large Enough To Serve

In five years our staff and management built a 13 clinic contract to a 24 clinic contract, successfully servicing more than 50, 000 US Veterans, and helping the US Government to save an estimated $1,000,000.00 - How can we serve you today?


Small Enough To Care

Each of our CSR's are trained to deliver real time results to the patients we serve. Forming a committee to consider your health care, takes second place to actually serving you. Give us a call, give us a try - we are here


Locally Operated, Nationality Focused

We Are Proudly Serving In A Place Near You:
California, Florida, Georgia, Guam, Hawaii, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia




Feel free to contact us and find out more about our services.

Key Health Care

Key Health Care is a service of ADLI Business & Professional Solutions, Inc., founded in 1994. ADLI Business & Professional Solutions, Inc. through the means of the Key Health Care provides its client base with a variety of health care products and services.

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