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Telephonic EAP


Stress is consuming the workplace. Four out of five Americans report feeling stressed, and 15% feel it’s unmanageable. Those dealing with chronic stress take twice as many sick days per year and suffer 50% higher levels of presenteeism. Telephonic EAP provides resources to manage all the stresses of work and life, from general counseling to childcare and eldercare referrals to workplace conflict management. Employees have unlimited 24/7 access to:

  • Short-term assistance for personal issues like stress, depression, family problems, substance abuse, and more
  • Referrals for long-term counseling or specialized care when appropriate
  • Help and referrals for childcare and eldercare issues, legal and financial concerns, time management, and more
  • Consultations and organizational services to help managers address sensitive employee issues, conflict resolutions, disruptive event planning, and disability management


Complementary Benefits:

  1.      Worklife Services
  2.      Caregiver Services

Employee Assistance Membership

  • Prices shown are billed monthly and are non-refundable after 30 days.

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