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Want peace of mind even when you don't have traditional health insurance – we can help! Because of the Affordable Care Act, the health insurance landscape has undergone considerable transformation. In many instances, you will experience more advantages as a consumer shopping for an individual health insurance plan, than ever before!

Today health insurance companies cannot turn you down for coverage or charge you higher premiums because you are sick or have a pre-existing health condition. However, many people are still finding the experience overwhelming, expensive, and confusing.

Whether you choose a health benefit in the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or  Platinum category, there is no benefit to you, if you cannot afford the monthly premium – Key Health Care can help! The Value-Added Benefit Solutions (VABS) available through Key Health Care are not insurance, but a mixture of renegotiated administered programs guaranteed to save you money. Contact us right away, to learn how you may take advantage of Key Health Care VABS today!

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