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At Key Health Care, we understand that having access to healthcare can often be considered as essential to life, as food and shelter. But we also know that access to healthcare does not have to be structured to the point of being cost prohibitive. That's why we can proudly say that Key Health Care is dedicated to delivering access to affordable healthcare to its' members. One of the ways that we make healthcare affordable is by providing Value Added Benefit Solutions (VABS). Value Added Benefit Solutions allow our members to remove valueless benefits from their programs, and add only those benefits which have the greatest value to them. We believe that providing greater value to our clients, one member at a time, helps to improve the overall health of our communities

Key Health Care is a service of ADLI Business & Professional Solutions, Inc.; a Federal GSA Schedule Holder who understands the value of strategic partnerships. Strategic partnerships are crucial to our business model. And when approved by law, and contractually feasible, we utilize these partnerships to offer our members multiple healthcare products and services, such as Counseling, Diabetic Supplies, Hearing Aids, and even Durable Medical Equipment.

Our partners are all committed to providing low cost, high quality products and services to our nation’s veterans. But whether the product or service is for a veteran or a civilian, the quality and cost for the product is the same. It is Key Health Care's goal to deliver affordable healthcare products and services to its' members, and each of our partners share this goal.


Why Key Healthcare

Obamacare, Trumpcare, Affordable Health Care, Low Cost Health Care, Cheap Prescription Drugs, Discount Eyeglasses . . . none of these expressions are meaningful if they cannot be tailored to fit within YOUR HEALTHCARE BUDGET! Since 1994, Key Health Care has been strategically forming alliances and developing products and services designed to do just that - fit within your healthcare budget and to become your KEY TO HEALTH CARE SAVINGS!

Recent Accomplishments and Alliances


The Department of Veterans Affairs recently recognized Key Health Care as, one of less than ten providers of its national emergency prescription program. In times of change, success depends as much upon hard work, persistence and purpose, as it does upon innovation and strategic alliances such as TA's, PA's, and NDA's. Key Health Care appreciates its growing list of cooperative alliances and mentoring relationships, and look forward to expanding those alliances, as growth and development continues.  Contact our office today to learn what our healthcare programs can do for you and your family or business.

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