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Locally owned restaurant bar serving great Italian food

Dedicated to providing great service, a family, and a small town southern vibe

Taylored Sports Management Group (TSMG) provides consultation services to business and basketball professionals nationwide, through Taylored Athletes. Our experienced TSMG team consults on dozens of projects each year, ranging from travel basketball questions to new facility projects. We at Taylored Athletes are familiar with the challenges faced by today's athletes. That is why we have partnered with Key Health Care to provide our athletes with 24/7 access to counseling.

Measuring Up To A Changing Game

Consultation & Mentorship

Propel has partnered with Key Health Care to make 24/7 counseling available to our students.

Propel Your Future

Community Partnerships

The Most Affordable Senior Plans In Florida

Dedicated to Helping senior citizens of Florida State

An Independent Licensed & Certified
Insurance Agent, since 1990
NY Insurance License # N144563

The most affordable plans in NY

Dedicated to Helping residents of New York State

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