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Counseling Benefit


32% of U.S. employees reported suffering from severe stress, anxiety, or depression in the last two years. Untreated mental illness can lead to serious physical illnesses like high blood pressure and heart disease, producing more claims and increased healthcare expenses. Counseling Services provide support for issues like stress, grief, family issues, and transitions, giving employees someone to talk to before things get out of hand. Employees can call 24/7 for an evaluation, and then schedule a free phone session from the comfort and convenience of home.


Complimentary Benefits:

  1. Worklife Services
  2. Online Wellness



Counseling Membership

  • Employees spend around 8 hours per week on non-work related activities. Worklife Services handles the heavy lifting of time-consuming, research-heavy tasks so employees don’t have to split their focus at work. Employees can call a representative to get assistance with:

    • Information on childcare, summer camps and school-age programs
    • Public, private and specialty school references from kindergarten through college
    • Resources for adoption, pregnancy, and disabled and aging loved ones
    • Referrals for house cleaning, lawn maintenance, pet care, and home and auto repair
  • Prices shown are billed monthly and are non-refundable after 30 days.

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